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The Growing Case for Virtual Offices

July 12th, 2010 | by Grace Kang

Is the Virtual Office the Next Big Thing?

More and more businesses seem to think so. It's been great hearing about businesses that are taking the plunge and putting their entire offices online. We've always said here at CD that with the right online collaboration tools, teams can work together from anywhere, at anytime (sounds familiar, right?)

Here's a great article that a colleague shared with me the other day about an entirely virtual based company that's leveraged online tools beautifully.  "The Do Gooder who Launched Fission Strategy and Grossed $1 + Mil her First Year" explores the story of how Roz Lemieux (a Central Desktop user) founded Fission Strategy, an internet firm that helps non profits successfully leverage social media, and grossed 1 Mill + in her first year!  What really caught my attention were the reasons behind Fission Strategy's decision to remain a virtually web based company (permanently). While the most popular reason for taking an office online is to cut overhead costs, Roz's main priority was finding great workers, regardless of location - and building a system to accommodate them. The article covers some of the questions/concerns that usually arise with taking an office online, and Roz shares how she and her team dealt with them. Check out the full article at Mixergy.

Do you foresee an office virtualization in your company's near future? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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