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How to Add a Custom Drop Down Menu to Your Style Template

June 4th, 2010 | by Dustin Turner

You have collaboration workspaces set aside for every department in your company, along with a revolving door of workspaces created to manage your clients' ongoing projects. With so much going on in Central Desktop, there are always a handful of places you continue to navigate to day in and day out, and these places are likely common to a majority of users in your account. Although you are making use of the Favorites menu, and have taken the time to group your workspaces and keep things as organized and accessible for everyone as possible, it would be nice to have a common set of quick links for everyone to use to navigate to these areas. Use this quick style template hack to create a custom drop down menu along side the other menus in the header of your template.


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8 Tips for Organizing and Maximizing Marketing Collateral

May 17th, 2010 | by Alexandra

Marketing Collateral - Organization Marketing collateral can be one of the most important elements of any business.  Maximizing the value of your marketing collateral can be as easy as organizing the materials to reflect the core values the company has to offer, and in turn, the value the customer will expect to receive. These eight tips for maximizing valuable marketing collateral will provide any company with strong core collateral which can speak volumes to the value of the company itself.

1. Understand the Disposable Nature of Marketing

Any single piece of marketing collateral has the ability to turn a potential client into a happy client, but may also go straight from the potential client's hands to the trash without even the slightest glance. Giving too much power to individual components can detract from the larger picture.

2. Establish Uniform Branding

A clear, representational and memorable branding image used across all marketing collateral leaves a lasting impression on all who view the marketing aids. A strong branding provides the company with the tools to penetrate the mind of the customer without words. In line with that philosophy, Central Desktop's extranet portals are custom branded with your company's look and feel so your clients will be left with a lasting, professional impression of your firm.

3. Create the timeless presence of the Company

In today's marketplace everything is cataloged for future reference. Using this reality to the advantage of the company allows all pieces of present marketing collateral to work in conjunction with all future pieces to weave an understanding for the customer of what the company has to offer.

Tips on Working with Milestones and Task Lists

March 31st, 2010 | by cdadmin

This post was inspired by a chat with John in Client Services that happened just before the same issues he said customers were having occurred within my own team.

Milestones and Task Lists - What's the Difference?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Project milestones They are different. Milestones get used for overall project names. Task Lists are created to group tasks within each milestone. Task Lists are used for each of the major deliverables to complete a project. As tasks that are part of a milestone or project get completed, the graph on the milestones page updates to show how much progress has been made, so you can see at a glance how your team is doing on everything.

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