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Published on February 10th, 2012 | by Grace Kang

Open science movement speeds up scientific process with online collaboration

If online collaboration can find complex theorems for proofs and help polymer scientists make breakthroughs in their field, imagine what your business could do with it.

The traditional system for publishing scientific research can take months – and after extensive peer review and publication cycle, many journals are hidden behind costly subscription gates, a process some call “hidebound, expensive and elitist”. The Open Science movement is challenging the process, and advocating open, online collaboration between members of the scientific community. Scientists are encouraged to share data, post findings, share publications and ask/answer questions with peers.

While change is often slow, there are many ways to incorporate online collaboration into your workday. Think of it as a changing of the guard, moving from one system to another, or in many cases from one outdated system to one that is modern and efficiently uses technology to provide up to date resources and knowledge. Going from a closed-off source of information (think locked file cabinet) to one that is almost completely free and available (think internet) is a great way to garner ideas from individuals who are reticent in group brainstorms. Try community writeboards or soliciting coworkers for info and feedback through email where there is less peer pressure and more freedom to be creative.

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