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Published on February 3rd, 2012 | by Grace Kang

New Video: How Do You CD?

For those of you who attended Collabosphere, you might remember our CEO Isaac Garcia alluding to all the cool ways our customers are using Central Desktop. Some of these cool ways, he had never even imagined CD would be used for.

That spurred us to create a video showcase of our most interesting use cases. Sure, we provide collaboration tools. But what’s more interesting than the tools are the amazing things our customers are doing with them!

Collaboration impacts our daily lives in more ways than you realize. It had a hand in the beer you’re drinking, the prime time television show you’re watching and even in stocking the milk in your refrigerator.

In this short 2.5 minute video, we’ll show you just how exciting collaboration can be. At the end of the video, we challenge you to ask yourself, “What will YOU share today?” Enjoy.



Do you have an interesting CD story or use case to share? Tell us in the comments below!


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Grace Kang

heads up search and social media here at Central Desktop. She moderates our social accounts to make sure our community is always up to date with the latest Central Desktop news, contests, and more. In her spare time, Grace can be found with her head buried in a book or experimenting with the latest online marketing tools.

2 Responses to New Video: How Do You CD?

  1. Brian Smith says:

    very cool
    thought provoking
    amazing images
    love it!

  2. Linda Souza Linda Souza says:

    Thanks for your nice comments, Brian! The team had fun working on this one. We always love to hear stories of how people are using our solution.

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