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Published on February 14th, 2012 | by Linda Souza

Fortune Magazine’s “Cool Green Company of 2011” Moves to the Cloud

Today we’re happy to present BURN Design Lab with a Central Desktop product donation. BURN Design Lab, Fortune Magazine‘s “Cool Green Company of 2011”, creates customized biomass stove solutions to meet the cooking needs of developing nations. The stoves are meant to replace crude open fires that contribute to a large part of the world’s global carbon dioxide emissions.

“We are pleased to adopt the Central Desktop platform to help us better plan and design concepts in conjunction with our volunteers, who are spread across several locations,” said Peter Scott, CEO of BURN Design Lab. “The ability to serve our communities with faster execution and implementation is priceless, and we’re excited that Central Desktop will allow us to increase the communities we reach and the rate at which we complete each project.”

We’re proud to support such a forward thinking company whose work directly impacts deforestation, women’s health, global warming and other social and economic issues around the world.

Check out the full press release to learn how BURN Design Lab plans to use Central Desktop.

The deadline for our next CD Gives donation is March 31, 2012 – apply today!

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