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Published on January 26th, 2012 | by Darren Tarlow

Super Bowl Meets Super Collaboration

Working together to achieve common goals is a part of all of our daily agendas, both professionally and at home. Though the two environments may seem more dissimilar than not, the spirit of collaboration occurring within each is more alike than you might realize.

But we won’t just talk to talk; we’ll show you what we mean by giving you the tools to throw the perfect Super Bowl party…Central Desktop style. That means games, trivia, snacks, playlists for your own halftime show, chatter from around the Twitterverse and more.

Enter Our Super Bowl Squares Game

Join us in our online living room to check out how we’re using Central Desktop for a Super Bowl extravaganza. Be sure to enter our Super Bowl Squares game, which is limited to the first 100 people.

How to Create Your Own Super Bowl Planner

Below is a glimpse at the Central Desktop features we used to create our party.

We started with a wiki page, which is highly customizable (links, images, text and more) and great for capturing and distributing valuable information. And the table of contents makes it quick to search.

We used RSS feed application blocks to pull in the relevant news on the page (in this example, from ESPN and Twitter). Application blocks can display information for everything from image galleries and status updates to meta tag clouds.

A web form is in place to capture the data for the Super Bowl squares giveaway and translate them into a Central Desktop database. Web forms are a great way for public users to add records into one of your databases.

Finally, the comments section at the bottom lets you and your friends talk smack about how much the Giants are going to crush the Patriots all over again. Or, in the business context, to hold threaded discussions for more substantive matters like what version of a Word document is resonating with your team.

The finished product should look like:

Taking It Back to the Office

Collaboration can be anything and can happen anywhere. Once finished regaling in your team’s victory or sobbing into the sink from a crushing overtime defeat, you can apply the same collaboration principles used to create your unforgettable Super Bowl blowout when you get back to the workplace. Here are a few links to help you get started.

How-to advice:
Wiki –
Application Blocks –
Web Forms –
Comments –

So go ahead, start up a public workspace around your next event or experiment with wikis, application blocks and comments, and watch the collaboration (and fun) ensue.

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