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Published on January 11th, 2012 | by Grace Kang

9 Collaborators Webisode 1 : Dinosaurs Walk Among Us

Meet Kevin, our resident Central Desktop dinosaur.

Ever since he scored “Dinosaur” on our 9 Types of Collaborators quiz, we’ve been giving Kevin a hard time (in good fun) about not having a smart phone. He’s even embraced his new nickname T-Rex – or in some circles K-Rex – by updating his profile pic in CD to a T-Rex and making a special appearance at the end of our video.

In all seriousness though, we know Kevin’s score of “dino” on the quiz doesn’t mean he’s not tech-savvy. One of the best things about the 9 Types of Collaborators is that we can lightheartedly point out traits we hadn’t noticed before.  And what this quiz does reveal is Kevin’s work/collaboration style.

Dinosaurs tend to:

  • Be habitual
  • Resist change
  • Like the “old school” way of doing things

But there are also strengths the dinosaur brings to the table, such as:

  • Deep knowledge
  • Pressure to make sure everything is relevant and easy to use (They’re the best gauge of user-friendliness.)
  • Consistency

We thought it’d be fun to introduce you to the real-life versions of the types of collaborators as a reminder that there are dinosaurs, socialites, ringleaders, executives, skeptics, experts, taskmasters, siloists and stealth ninjas all around us.

We’ll begin with our first webisode, “Dinosaurs Walk Among Us.” Enjoy!

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