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Published on September 15th, 2011 | by Jared Allen

Hold Hands-Free Web Meetings with CD and Google Call Phone

Central Desktop Web Meetings are certainly a convenient way to hold conferences, especially considering the fact that Central Desktop offers a complimentary conference call number. But if you’ve ever had to host a Web Meeting with a phone in your hand, you know that it can get a little challenging. Though Central Desktop does not support the option to use your computer’s mic and speakers in Web Meetings, you can still go hands-free during your conference calls with Google Call Phone.

All you need to hold hands-free web meetings are:

  1. Central Desktop Web Meetings
  2. Gmail Account
  3. Google voice and video plug-in
  4. Microphone (either in your computer or in a headset)

Start by scheduling a new Web Meeting in Central Desktop and checking the option to “Include dial-in number for a web meeting/conference call.”

At the time of the meeting, click the Attendee Access Link or go to the Web Meeting login page to join the meeting. In a new window, log in to your Gmail account and look for the “Call phone” button in your chat list (the voice and video plug-in will already need to be installed). To make the call, just click “Call phone” and dial the Conference Call number listed in the Web Meeting event details.

Once you are dialed-in, navigate to the screen you wish to share and enjoy conducting a hands-free Web Meeting using your computer’s mic and speakers!

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