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Published on August 15th, 2011 | by Chris Redrich

Announcing Central Desktop for Mobile

Mobile devices are taking enterprises by storm. We live in a world of constant connectivity, broadcasting and sharing. Technology has invaded the interpersonal communications market and created brand new communication channels. Whether this is good or bad can be debated, but the fact remains that mobile devices will only continue to grow in power, usefulness and pervasiveness in the enterprise.

The New Mobile Experience

Part of the promise of cloud computing is access to your content from anywhere at anytime. Today we take another step closer to fulfilling this promise by introducing Central Desktop for Mobile. While you have always been able to access Central Desktop in the past from a mobile browser, the solution wasn’t optimized for the best mobile experience possible. We have spent a tremendous amount of time doing user surveys, device reviews and usability studies to build a mobile product that solves the true needs of mobile Central Desktop users. We have gone through at least 4 or 5 iterations of user interface designs and focused on the core functionality required of mobile users while supporting as many devices as possible.

The primary focus with this first iteration is the consumption of activity and information in your workspaces. View and comment on recent activity, events, tasks, milestones, files and database records. Complete tasks and milestones. Update your status and more! We spent the majority of our time ensuring that every content type you have within your Central Desktop account can be viewed in a mobile-optimized way.

Devices Supported

Apple, Android and (to some extent still) BlackBerrys are the dominant platforms, all of which we support now including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android 2.2+ and any BlackBerry 6+ touch device.

Three Ways to Get Central Desktop for Mobile

As of this morning, you can now access Central Desktop from your mobile devices in one of three ways:

  1. Navigate to http://www.centraldesktop.com from your mobile browser
  2. Download the app from the Apple App Store (search term: Central Desktop)
  3. Download the app from the Android Marketplace (search term: Central Desktop)

Central Desktop for Mobile is written in HTML5 and leverages the Sencha Touch Framework. This allows for the broadest platform support and gives us a rapid development framework to continue build on top of. I/we highly recommend this approach for enabling mobile support.

What’s Next?

Over the coming months, we will continue to improve on and add features and capabilities to our mobile offering and as well as expand device support. To voice your feature requests and support for improvements please visit http://ideapshere.centraldesktop.com.

Join the Fun and Win an iPad 2!

Would you like to use Central Desktop for Mobile on your very own iPad 2? Join our “Where Do You CD?” contest on Facebook for a chance to win! Learn more at www.facebook.com/centraldesktop

You can read more information about our mobile applications from the Central Desktop Help Center or the press announcement.

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