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Published on July 14th, 2010 | by Millie Zhou

How to build an intranet in just 30 minutes

Company intranets are great locations for sharing company information and facilitating resources among employees. Intranets can host company and department resources such as directories, calendar events/holidays, time off requests, etc. A centralized location of such resources will allow for employees to communicate more effectively and efficiently. Using the workspace home page, you can easily customize a professional intranet for your organization. Follow the steps below to see how easy it is to set up your own intranet.

Setting up your intranet home page

  1. Create a new Workspace and name it Intranet
  2. Go to Settings > Tab Options and add/remove the tabs you want to use for this Intranet.  For my example, I chose to have the Home, Company Directory, Company Files and Company Calendar tabs.

Start customizing

This is the part where you can decide what will go on your intranet page – it’s completely up to you.  You can see how this intranet was created in the WYSIWYG editor to include Quick Links, Administrative information, Forms, Technology resources and various Application Blocks.

The intranet page in edit mode

Intranet - edit mode

What is total amount of time spent for creating this intranet? Roughly 20 minutes for the initial setup and the addition of content, then another 10 minutes to clean up the layout. Here are some tips on customizing your intranet’s design – the amount of detail and content you want on an intranet page is entirely to your discretion.

The final product

Intranet - completed

To see how other customers are creating intranets, take a look at our intranet templates.

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