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Published on May 4th, 2010 | by Isaac Garcia

Leading SharePoint Killer Bridges Gap Between Office and the Cloud with Co-Authoring Functionality

That was the subhead of our press release we sent out this morning. For years, our customers have described Central Desktop as the most powerful  “SharePoint Alternative” on the market.   We’ve worked hard to offer small and medium-sized businesses with features that are comparable or better than Microsoft SharePoint, but without the IT hassle that comes with complex or traditional software. 

From our inception five years ago, we have been dedicated to building the most comprehensive collaboration platform for business. 

It was our customers who first called us the best SharePoint Alternative – and today, we continue to build on that reputation with the announcement of our newest product:  Central Desktop for Office, a hand and glove integration between Central Desktop and MS Office. 

Powered by OffiSync technology, Central Desktop for Office will radically improve the way you and your team collaborate by allowing multiple users to simultaneously edit any Word, Excel and PowerPoint document in real time, merging the changes into one version, all from the comfort of your desktop. To see this feature in action, check out this video

Co-authoring is an ideal feature for discussing and making changes to financial documents, budgets and forecasts; collaborating on the creation of a PowerPoint presentation or group-editing and brainstorming in a Word document.  Most online spreadsheets are still not powerful enough to handle “real business financials” and so many users revert to Excel to “do their real work.”  Today, with Central Desktop for Office, users can have the collaborative power of group-editing and co-authoring  in a native Microsoft Office environment – using the tools they are already comfortable with – and without the high cost of upgrading to Office / SharePoint 2010.

Microsoft has been touting its “co-authoring” functionality as an incentive for users to upgrade to Office and SharePoint 2010. But for businesses who can’t afford or choose not to upgrade to Office/SharePoint 2010, Central Desktop for Office will provide co-authoring for Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.  (At the time of this writing, Office/SharePoint 2010 does not support co-authoring capabilities for Excel spreadsheets nor is co-authoring available with prior versions of Microsoft Office).

Central Desktop for Office truly bridges the gap between Microsoft Office and the cloud – enabling users to open, save and collaboratively author and edit files from any location.

We firmly believe that Central Desktop for Office graduates us from “SharePoint Alternative” to “SharePoint Killer.”
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