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Published on December 1st, 2005 | by Isaac Garcia

To bypass the IT department or not?

Steve Duncan at Lornitropia asks some thought provoking questions about whether or not its ethical for employees to bypass their employer’s red tape (aka “the IT department”) and subscribe to a web service to get the job done?

Francois Gossiaeux at Emergence Marketing answers the question with another question:

Are we moving towards an era of IT artisanry? (Where knowledge workers (or tacit workers as McKinsey calls them) coming to work with their own tools!

Gossiaeux retells a story at his previous employer where:

“…by the time the CIO’s office of one of the major 5 consulting/accounting firms (that’s how many there were then, ok!) decided to standardize on eRoom, they already had 8,000 users that had bypassed IT.”

We at Central Desktop would like to chime in and answer with a loud, barbaric yelp:

More power to the people!

Sure, Enterprise Software has its place (does it?) within large organizations, but the heart of business is NOT the Fortune 500 or the Global 2000–it’s the thousands and thousands of TEAMS that comprise businesses of all sizes across the spectrum (including the Fortune 500 and Global 2000).

The heart of business productivity resides at the TEAM level. If these ROGUE TEAMS work more productively, efficiently and smarter as a result of easy-to-use-and-inexpensive-web-services…….then any manager or IT department that fights the tidal wave will drown and be expunged.

As Steve Duncan notes, grew its on-demand service by focusing on sales teams and marketing teams who rejected the corporate (ahem, Enterprise) solutions that were forced down their throats by management. made on-demand software services palettable for small, medium and large businesses by winning the hearts of sales teams, and then the teams themselves spread the gospel to other colleagues, teams, departments, divisions, etc.

Who will mock’s success of courting rogue employees frustrated with IT red tape?

Who will mock efficiency, productivity, agility, lower operating costs and higher profit margins?

We at Central Desktop dare not mock the very hands that feed us.

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